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Mexican decoratives can be fun



Q:  I am new to mask collecting, but am definitely interested in learning about all kinds of masks. This particular mask is a favorite in my collection. It is wooden and definitely hand painted. I bought it for a dollar at a yard sale from a nice Asian family — I believe they were Japanese. If you can give me any information about it, I would surely appreciate it!  Desmond, 576

A: Your piece is Mexican, probably from the state of Guerrero where they have been making great quantities of decorative masks for over 50 years. Some of them can be wonderful art for the walls. They are not for villages to use in their traditional dances. See more Mexican decoratives by going to the bottom of this page.  It’s hard not to fall in love with them. The first mask I ever bought (back in 1970) was a Mexican decorative.  C



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