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Big mask with little snakes

Mexican decorative

Mexican decorative

Q:  I cannot remember if I sent you the picture of this huge, Mexican (I think) mask. Attached is a photo with me. It has several holes on each side that could hold it to a man’s head.  Jim, 792

A:  This “mask” is very big, as everyone can tell by looking at you trying to hold it. Frankly, I have never heard of Mexican’s wearing masks this large at a festival. And there are no eye holes. I think it might have been ordered by a shop keeper or restaurant owner who wanted to attract tourists with an attention-getting carving to hang on the wall. What appeals to me is the honest, folk art appearance. It does not look like a typical tourist mask.  Maybe one of our Mexican mask enthusiasts will have a comment to make.

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  • Posted: June 11, 2015 22:45


    Same impressions here Bob. Not meant to be worn if this size, no eye holes and from mexico. By the way, its always interesting to try and keep pace with different counties adopting other country's styles... mexico is making rather impressive copies (that are kindly being sold as such), of Japanese Noh Style Masks right now on ebay. That all said, that's not the case here. This is in a category of decorative, tourist... or most likely as Bob mentioned made for a restaurant owner etc.
  • Posted: June 18, 2015 01:10

    Bryan Stevens

    As I looked at YouTube Mexican dance videos in the past year I occasionally have seen such over-sized masks mounted on the front of a car or truck that has otherwise been converted to be a parade float, really the lead for a group of costumed dancers. The choice of mask coincides with the ones worn by those dancers. So yes cars and trucks wear these masks.
  • Posted: January 13, 2016 12:25


    There are a lot of modern cult ceremonies in Nigeria, Benin, Liberia and Sierra Leone with huge colorfull painted masks like this. The cult of Mammi wata adores snakes in the temples and puts them on their masks.