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Large Indian mask

aaaMystrySolvd-937-aQ:  I have been trying to research this mask. I know it is from India but I am not sure if it is Ravana or Shiva? Also an age? I think it is late 19thC, early 20thC but someone has recently told me it was older? It is a large mask at 19″ inches in Length and 12″ wide and 7″ deep.   Josh, 937

A:  Shiva is a female deity, so it could be Ravana or some other male character. Unfortunately, there is no reference book about Indian masks to tell us the character’s name, the festival for which it is used, area it comes from, etc.  A careful search of Google might help. Or a comment would be nice. As for its age, someone familiar with Indian masks should look at it closely.


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  • Posted: March 15, 2016 15:39


    Thanks Bob. I am thinking that it maybe Indra?
  • Posted: March 17, 2016 21:57

    Bob Ibold

    Keep doing your research. If you find any scans of an Indra mask, please send it in to us.
  • Posted: May 2, 2016 05:03

    Amrish Vaidya

    Looks like a Shiva mask from orissa, eastern India,from the20th century. Shiva is a male deity and characteristically has transverse marks on the forehead. Ravana is a 10 headed character so definitely not him.