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Valuable Sri Lankan mask

aaaMystrySolvd-1008Q:  I could use your advice on something.  My contact in Sri Lanka found this mask, formerly in a Sri Lankan museum, and now for sale by the family that originally owned it.  It goes back about 50-60 years.  With my guy’s commission, they are asking $1250 plus shipping.  That seems high to me.  What do you think, informally?  1008

A:  I think the $1250 price is about right. There are museums who would love to display this piece. Carving quality is excellent, though the colors are faded. Look at the big Garuda on page 85 of The Letts Guide to Collecting Masks. It’s 1983 selling price would be about $4000 today, which makes sense for a more traditional design that is much prettier. Do you mind if I post this on the blog? Of course, I will not mention your name.  A

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  • Posted: August 27, 2016 10:42


    This is a replica worth maybe $150.
  • Posted: August 29, 2016 13:42

    Bob Ibold

    Perhaps that is true. What I can be sure of is that this photograph shows a large, extremely well made piece of Sri Lankan art.