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Him and her masks from Puebla


aaaMystrySolvd-1026-aQ:  My husband purchased these two Mexican masks, a male and female, online.  They did not come with any information other then an old label on the back of the female mask stating Puebla.  They seem to be quite old, worn thru in one area on a cheek, and with old repairs to splits.  Can you help with information?  Kim, 1026

A:  This is an unusual pair… both the blue color and underneath-the-eye sight holes are uncommon. But they were made by the same carver somewhere in the Sierra de Puebla Mountains. Definitely old and used. Personally, I love the way they look together. You  should purchase a book called Mexican Masks and Puppets by Bryan Stevens which is all about Puebla and its wonderful masking traditions. The author often reads this blog, so let’s hope he can tell us more.  A aaaMystrySolvd-1026-b


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  • Posted: October 18, 2016 17:01

    Helmut Hamm

    The blue color usually represents a dead person, so I believe this to be a set of Xantolo - Day of the Dead masks. Helmut