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Big mask from Tanzania

It is 11 by 23 inches and weighs 9 pounds. I have seen a few monster masks photographed by anthropologists doing field work in West Africa, but I don’t remember the details. This one has a wonderful, traditional design that I think I’ve seen before on a normal sized carving. There is dark stain front and back that has been partially rubbed off. It could be a tourist mask, but why make it this big and difficult to ship?  Please help!  Note to smartphone users: those are not little white fangs in the mouth.  Bob, 1107





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  • Posted: February 21, 2017 19:17


    Nyamwezi, Sukuma, most likely from Tanzania. Real and tribally used.
  • Posted: February 21, 2017 21:08

    Bob Ibold

    After a little additional research I discovered that the Sukuma people in live small villages in the northern part of Tanzania, each of which is headed by a chief who is also a sorcerer. Sukuma masks are often associated with large, rough-looking carvings.