Ask The Mask Man

This free service includes a brief description and sometimes an opinion of your mask. It is not an appraisal… however, I might put a bold-faced letter grade that suggests value at the end of the description.

Please limit your submission to one mask, but include three pictures. Photograph both the front, side, and back of the mask. Ideally your images should be jpegs at 72 dpi. Also tell me size, material, where you got the mask, price you paid, and anything else that might be helpful.

I may post the answer to your mystery mask for others to see on our blog. And if we’re lucky, one of our readers will make a comment. (Yes, there are readers who know more about masks than I do!) I will always answer your email, even if I don’t post it.

When you send information or photos to the Mask Man, you grant me the right to use and publish that content in anyway I wish. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Bob Ibold
The Mask Man

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