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    Great mask show in Lancaster, PA

    Masks of Mexico will be on view Sept. 12 – Nov. 8, 2015, at the Lancaster Museum of Art in downtown Lancaster, PA. Here is the museum’s description of the show. This exhibit focuses on the masks that are used in the many rituals and celebrations performed in the cities and small rural villages throughout  Mexico’s various states.  The majority of states with traditions of using masks are represented in this exhibit through more than 200 masks. Grouping all these works together reveal the various forms, styles and colors that Mexican carvers employ.  The masks are made from carved wood, papier-mache, leather, cloth, ceramic, metal and other materials and display…

  • Misc

    Revealing the Trauma of War

    “Brain injuries caused by blast events change soldiers in ways many can’t articulate. Some use art therapy, creating painted masks to express how they feel. Brain trauma from blast force is the signature injury of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, afflicting hundreds of thousands of U.S. combat personnel. Although unseen, the damage strikes deeply into a soldier’s mind and psyche.” This is how a recent article in National Geographic begins. It has lots of pictures of masks made by the recovering soldiers. You can see the whole article by going to http://www.nationalgeographic.com/healing-soldiers/