Recommended Websites

I appreciate the opportunity to promote other websites devoted to ethnographic art from around the world. Though this list may seem rather diverse, each of the sites has worthwhile content. I encourage you to visit any of them.

Africa Direct  This dealer offers a large selection of masks, as well as many other categories of African folk art. 

Africa Antiques  An important source for serious collectors of African art, run by David Norden.

African Weapons  The most handsome and professionally designed website in the field of tribal art. 

Mask Mongers  Good photos and descriptions of Mexican masks and some excellent short essays.

Craft Revival Trust  Includes list of artisans, NGO’s and museums of folk arts and crafts. They are especially strong in India.

Theater Masks  Here you find the kind of masks used in drama class and in some productions.

Aboriginals  Art of the First Person offers a wide selection of authentic tribal art from Africa, Australia and Native America.

Mask Makers Web  A lot of interesting material on contemporary mask makers and their craft.

Beyond the Mask  Colorful decorative masks from Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Indigo Arts  A must for collectors of almost any kind of tribal art or folk art. Indigo offers a wide range of prices, but quality is always high.

Douglas Yaney Gallery  This is a nice collection of African masks and figures for several levels of collecting.

Latin American Folk Art  Quite a few good Mexican masks, as well as what the name implies.

Halloween it  Scary masks and all the other good stuff that goes along with Halloween.

Puerto Rican Masks  This mask maker sells a variety of vejigantes from her small site.

Timor Treasures  Julie Emory’s excellent site is all about the many arts and crafts of East and West Timor.

Halloween Hq  Find a huge number of links related to Halloween, masks, and costumes.

Zena Kruzicks Tribal Art  An unusually wide variety of items, but with consistent high quality.

Any Mask  One of the largest and best known websites selling all categories of masks. 

Marc Pinto Gallery  Dealing in Oceanic and SE Asian traditional art, Marc is especially passionate about the art of Borneo.

Colonial Arts  Mexican Antiques, Santos, Retablos, Mexican Folk Art, Talavera Pottery, Ex-votos, Guatemalan Masks and more.

Indian Artifact Grading Joseph Mattingly, for a small fee, will consult with you on Native American masks.

El Curandero   Specializes in Guatemalan folk art, including masks, slingshots, textiles, ceramics, and wooden figures.

Costume Hub  Large selection of masks and everything else you need for a masquerade party.

Gallery Ezakwantu  An authentic, all-encompassing collection of Central and Southern African tribal art you must not miss.

Joseph G. Genera Fine Art  His mask collection is a knock out– smaller but much cooler than mine!

Alain Brianchon  Not about masks, but a wonderful site for authentic tapa cloth from Oceania.

Halloween Unlimited Offers adult and kids costumes, masks, wigs, hats and props.

Spirits of the West Coast  A good source for high-quality NWC masks and related art work.

Gallery Tribal Art  Antique traditional art from Africa

Mark Johnson Check out this excellent site if you are interested in Oceanic or SE Asian material.

Tribalmania  Despite its name, this is one of the best tribal art dealers on the net, and definitely worth a visit.

Taksu Masks  High-quality masks from Bali. Though most are made for the tourist market, the carvers are top notch.

Commedia Masks  For handmade leather Comnmedia Dell’Arte masks of all the different traditional characters. By Newman.