Showing them off

The obvious way to display masks is to hang them on the wall. A solid white or some neutral color as the background is best. As you acquire more and more masks, I would suggest moving them closer together on the wall rather than putting them everywhere. Of course, you’ll have to get out the spackling compound and touch-up paint occasionally.

Collectors can also use special metal stands that come in various sizes. They are designed for both regular and the helmet-type masks. The regular type have two spring steel arms that snap into the rear sides of the mask and hold it above the base, whereas the helmet-style stands are a straight rod with a smaller plate welded on the top. Masks on stands can be displayed on tables and can be enjoyed from different angles.

You can purchase different sizes and styles of steel stands from the Cottreau Gallery on eBay for a reasonable price. However, these stock stands frequently display the mask at an angle. Adjustments require slight damage to either the stand or the piece. Most museums and serious collectors prefer custom made stands that fit perfectly and require no alteration to the rear. An experienced welder can do this for you.

Some large masks look great hung from the ceiling. Clear monofilament is good for this. If you are lucky enough to purchase a complete costume that goes with a mask you’ll need a department store mannequin or a large stand with a crossbar.

There follows some photos of interior installations. Click on pics to enlarge.