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Uncover Diverse Colombia

Join us on an amazing adventure to Colombia

Colombia has been undergoing a very positive transformation in the past decade, and with the recent signing of a historic peace treaty the country is now regarded as one of the safest countries for tourists in Latin America. For many years Colombia has remained a mystery for travelers and photographers from around the globe, but Colombians are now welcoming visitors from around the planet with open arms.

About this tour
This tour is designed to highlight Colombia’s astounding history and cultural diversity, and we believe we have struck the perfect balance with this exhilarating itinerary: From exploring the streets rich in history of colonial Cartagena and learning about Gabriel Garcia’s Magical Realism, to the folkloric celebrations of the second biggest carnival in the world in Barranquilla. With special media access to the Carnaval de Barranquilla activities, this tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal and enjoy a carnaval that is of mythical proportions. Join us in a land where everyday life is very real but visitors can easily escape into a magical world as they explore the culture and natural richness the country has to offer.

We are joining forces to with Colombia Photo Expeditions to offer this one of a kind experience. Because of the uniqueness of this trip click on the following link and enter “masksoftheworld” in the password box. Click Uncover Diverse Colombia


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