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Where in Africa?

Where in Africa?

Where in Africa?

Q: I bought this mask from a guy on the internet from Serbia. That country was famous 30 years ago for its good relationship with Africa,  so I guess that the mask is African.  Zarko, 582

A: I agree that it is African, and it is nice looking. You made a good buy. To me it combines interesting design elements from the Lega, Fang and Songye cultures. But my knowledge of African masks is limited. Let’s hope that some of our readers will tell us where they think it is from.  B

4 Responses to Where in Africa?

  1. zarko says:

    i forgot the crucial question, does any one knows or have an idea what tribe could it be from?
    it looks to me like Kwele but this is just a guess….nothing else

    thanks Zarko from Serbia

  2. DUBOIS Marc says:

    It is FANG from Gabon and it seems to be a good one !
    You refers to the good relationships between Serbia and Africa.
    I’m interested to know more about those relations.
    Thanks in advance for your reply


  3. zarko says:

    Serbia was EX Yugoslavia, and we were traditional Communist country, which was one of the founder of NESVRSTANI (dont know it in English) and most of African coutreys were a part of that group, nor on East nor on West side politic. so form ’50 trough 80s we hade good relationship and many people form Serbia went to Africa to work,help and exchange culture…so some mask were brought by those Serbians to my country. ex Yugoslavia now Serbia

    thanks for identification

  4. leon says:

    It is a fang ngil mask type C looking at the comb like scarrification!

    lit advice: read Gabon tribal art edition Schulte Weiss! page 35

    greetz Leon

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