Ancient Greek theater mask

Education—  It could be over 2000 years old. Made of fired clay, it was found in pieces but has been repaired. I don’t think we can find any western European masks that are older. Do you enjoy seeing ancient masks?  Read books and visit museums. Careful reproductions can be purchased on the internet for reasonable prices.

Identification—  Most of the photos I receive are from people who know very little about masks and need more information. Also, there are collectors and dealers who specialize and occasionally stumble on a mystery mask that is not in their field of expertise.

Value—  People want to know how much their new mask is worth. I usually give each Mystery Mask a rating of A, B, C or D for free. For more information one must order a professional appraisal.

Your Opinion—  What else can the Mask Man offer on this blog that might be of interest to you or others? Please use the comment box below.


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