Chewa mask from Malawi, Africa

Q:  I’m now in Zambia and have to make a decision regarding what I should collect. There are some options, but the most outstanding ones right now are:
spend time and collect original Chewa masks. The other option is to buy from tribal art dealers in Lusaka, which have connections in the Congo, combs and masks from different tribes in Angola, Congo and maybe Tanzania.What would you recommend? The Chewa masks would be original because I would buy them from the same people who use them. (I know it’s very difficult to buy them, but I already managed to buy some from Katete, Zambia, where there are also Chewa peoples).  Stefan, 1333A:  I would recommend the Chewa masks because authentic artifacts are more desirable to collectors. For more on Chewa masks please take a look at this famous one.



  • Bob Ibold

    Stefan wrote this today… The Chewa mask was collected in person at the Kondwelani village, Katete district, Zambia, very close to the Mozambique border. I only know about African masks, but I am going to develop an interest for masks from all over the world eventually. I like the makishi masks among others.

    • Stefan Rosca

      I only now see that you have responded here on the website. I didn’t receive any email. Thanks again!
      Regarding your book, I would like to buy it in pdf version but I can’t manage to do it because I don’t find the shopping cart. I am sure other buyers have the same problem. Best Regards, Stefan

  • Bob Ibold

    I hope Troy contacted you and solved the problem. For most people the best way to get “Masks of the World” is Amazon. They should have all three versions.

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