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Help identify a mask. India?


Q:  Please identify. I need help if you can.  Marion, 1493

A:  I found this mask to be quite interesting. The material of construction is unrecognizable, none the less, it is well made and something that is authentic tribal art. Once I saw a heavy wood mask from southern India that looked much different but had the same pitchfork symbol on its forehead. Is the red character on the left rear a clue? Otherwise, this mask is a total mystery to me.

Incidentally, Marion didn’t leave a correct email address so I could not ask her the usual what, where, when and how much. Please enlarge the photos and comment if you can give us even a little help.

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  • Jean

    What we can say, for sure, is that this mask is really recent because the material looks to be a kind of resin or another polymer. Only these materials allow such a thin structure. These materials require a specialized and specific technology to be manufactured. Therefore, I would not think to a craft object, but rather an “industrial” one.
    The representation itself is disturbing, almost unhealthy. The well-designed lips look like on some Venetian masks, but the “scar” enlarging the mouth is really strange. The overall gives a somewhat frightening impression. Could be anything: modern interpretation of hindou mask, artist creation, desire to make something new…
    It could be usefull to know where it comes from…Marion does not give a lot of details !

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