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Indian mask from the Amazon

Q:  Would like to know if you can tell me anything about this mask?  Frank, 1151

A: It is a traditional helmet mask made of natural materials by the Tukuna Indians who can be found in the deep rain forest where Peru, Colombia and Brazil come together. Actually, there are over a 100 sparsely located cultures spread out over a large portion of South America’s Amazon area. Unfortunately, these populations are declining rapidly. There is a book called Arts of the Amazon by Barbara Braun, which will tell you more, and includes many beautiful photos of artifacts, including a number of masks.

Frank, we enjoyed seeing your photos and are hoping you will share more information with us… like from whom, when, where, and how much you paid for this valuable piece. Did you learn anything from the previous owner, etc?  A






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  • Posted: May 12, 2017 22:01

    Frank Pearson

    Got this from an associate of Andy Warhol. He really didn't give me any info about it. I have it at least since the early 80's and this associate has since passed away. I am downsizing and to start disposing of some things. Was curios if it had any value.
  • Posted: May 13, 2017 22:42

    Bob Ibold

    I'm sorry that I forgot to give a letter grade. Of course, if you want a wholesale, retail and insurance value you must pay for an appraisal.
    • Posted: May 14, 2017 21:06

      Frank Pearson

      How much is an appraisal?

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