Kpelie mask, Senufo people, Ivory Coast

Q:  This mask is one of a pair. The other is of a similar size and design but the details are slightly different. Both are approx. 16″ high. I’m pretty sure I bought them 15-20 years ago at a thrift store in Miami for approx. $50 for the pair. I doubt they’re valuable, but I plan to mount them on stands and would like to identify their area of origin. Appreciate your opinion!  Tim, 1093

A:  I have posted a Kpelie mask about a year ago. It is #982 in the “Africa” category of the blog archives. Yours is an average reproduction of a classic West African traditional mask that I think many would appreciate. Beginning collectors, and especially those with limited budgets, are fortunate to have access to copies of these kinds traditional folk art. Enjoy!   B


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