Old Guatemalan mask

Here is an old conquistador dance mask that hasn’t been used a lot. Expressively carved from hardwood, the eyebrows, eyelashes, hair and upper lip show remnants of black paint, while the teeth have traces of white. His wavy side-parted hair and long sideburns were characteristic of the Spaniards depicted in these dances. His glass eyes are now missing. There is no morreria mark that I can see. I still like it!

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  • Henrik Rudberg

    I am sorry to bother but I think that you need a little more info at least answer these questions:

    · What region/country is the mask from?
    · When was it made?
    · What society or community made the mask?
    · What culture does it belong to?
    · When is the mask worn?
    · Who wears it?
    · What is its social function?
    · What does it represent to those who use it?
    · What does it symbolise?
    · Do they have any other uses?
    · What do the symbols on the mask mean?
    · What colours, texture and lines are used and what do these mean?
    · What is the facial expression, what does it mean? What emotion does it show? Why is the mouth important?
    · What is important about the features?
    · Is it decorated, if so what with? What is the significance of the decoration?
    · What shape is the mask? Is there a reason for this?
    · What is it made from and is this symbolic or religious?
    · What feeling does it give you?
    · Why are there adornments (feathers, nails, horns etc) and what do they mean?
    · Are myths about the masks based on true stories? Are these stories still around today?
    · Who started making masks?
    · How was it made?

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