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Morones festival

Morones festival in Philippines

Q:  Have you ever seen the christian based, roman soldier masks of the Philippines Holy Week celebrations? Pretty interesting… these are large, hollowed, helmet-masks that they wear.  Nate, 727

A: Yes, I think they are interesting as well. Called Morones, they are only found on the small island of Marinduque just south of the big island of Luzon. At first I thought they were Mexican, but it’s the influence of the priests who traveled around with the Spanish when they were conquering the world for God and King. And thanks for the nice photo. It’s good to see how the masks are used during the festival.

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  • Posted: February 1, 2015 13:27

    DUBOIS Marc

    Hello Bob, Do you have any documentation related to this Morones Festival ? And maybe a tip to acquire one of those masks ? Best regards Marc

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