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7 authentic masks from India

Q:  We have a set of 7 old masks from India of papier mache. It would be great to know a little more about the origin, time and function. They are from 1920-30. Among the group there are different characters of various sizes. We sent the photograph of one of them. Probably all 7 come from the same dance. Thanks for your help beforehand.   Laia, 1149
A:  This is a splendid example of an authentic, used mask. Your photos are excellent. I love Indian masks so much I put a large picture of one on the cover of my book, Masks of the World. So I’m going to break the rules and ask you to send me photos of the other 6. Hopefully I can do some research and come up with the information you want. Also, it would be helpful to know how you aquired them, what you paid, and the size of each.


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