7th Chewa Mask blog

I noticed this mask from Zambia on the internet recently. Over the years I’ve posted at least 6 Chewa masks, and they’ve always been much different from each other. The Chewa prefer this to replicating traditional designs as most tribes do. You can access our 6 on the homepage by typing in the word “chewa” and scrolling down.

A member of a Bantu-speaking people of Malawi in Zambia, they can be found in Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well.  One key aspect of their traditional religion that has survived colonial and Christian prohibition is the all-male Nyau secret society, which performs traditional rites of passage. Masquerade is practiced a lot, and countless other masks are frequently made just for enjoyment.

Collectors like these for many reasons:  variety, creativity, humor and availability. Perhaps, more importantly, you can acquire authentic Chewa masks for affordable prices… though perhaps not the Elvis Presley mask, which I’m sure the Brooklyn Museum doesn’t want to sell.  Bob, 1790

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