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A great storage unit story

aaaMystrySolvd-910Q:   The storage unit I got these masks from was appraised at $30,000-50,000. I did not buy the unit for that amount They did except my offer. The unit contained more than masks. Also Art, Paintings, Books, Jewelry, Ect. Apparently the man that had the collection passed away, was a Librarian for 40 years. Never married, traveled the world. went to some tribes personally, and liked the signatures too.  Kathleen, 910

A:  Kathleen sent pics of a number of masks found in the treasure trove. All of them are quite interesting. Lucky her! This could be one of several male characters in the famous Topeng dance drama of Bali. Wonderful performances that combine music, dance and mime to recall stories of Balinese history, this particular mask may be old and used.  It sure does look pretty.

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