East Asia

A Thai hermit mask rarely seen

Q:  Do you want to use this mask for your website?  This special hermit mask is a Lersi Por Gae that was made for a Thai shaman. It is beautifully made and has written mantras in Pali all over the face.  Only 4 years old, it has never been danced, but is still authentic in the sense that it was part of a shaman’s shrine. Quite rare, I’ve seen only one other so far.   Steph, 1105

A:  Blow up the second photo as large as you can and see how finely Thai maskmakers can form and decorate these papier mache masterpieces. If you have a copy of Masks of the World, go to pages 56 & 57 to see more of these Khons (helmet masks). Some  Khons (not the hermit types) can be purchased on the internet for less than $200!  A+





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