Authentic Guatemalan mask in excellent condition

Q: Also wanted to show you another Guatemalan mask from the same seller– please let me know your thoughts. Culturally used Vaquero (Cowboy) Mask from Chichicastenango, noted carver Miguel Ignacio Calel– morería initials on the back. 1950s-1960s. Materials: wood; oil-based paint. You can see some splitting and cracks and has been repainted. The Baile del Torito (Dance of the Little Bull) is a dance performed at the Fiesta de Santo Tomás (Festival of St. Thomas), the patron saint of Chichicastenango and recounts a story of conflict between vaqueros (cowboys) and their foremen (capitanos). Andrew, 1743

A: Mask collecting doesn’t get and better than this. Andrew has written exactly what you need to know about this artifact. You might also read some of the writing of Joel Brown or other experts on on Guatemalan masks, figures and costumes. People who read my book, Masks of the World, are often surprised that the 12 chapters include a tiny country in Central America, along with the biggies. Guatemala has had a rich tradition of masquerade for hundreds of years and it continues today. A

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  • Nikki

    I have one of these masks. It’s actually exactly the same as this one. Or at least close. Do you have any idea of the value? Just curious. Love your site!!!!

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