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Bad guy from Bali

aaaMystrySolvd-1002Q:  All the art gallery told me when I bought it in 94 was that it was from Indonesia. I paid about $350 for it at that time. I know my melon of a head doesn’t fit in it, but a slightly smaller head would. Its made of wood, hand painted, with horse hair. That’s about all I know. It looks super cool, that’s for sure. It freaks most people out when they notice it on my wall. Chris, 1002

A:  There are lots of masked characters in the Topeng saga, one of the famous dance dramas performed on the island of Bali. This is one of the bad guys. There are so many different characters that I find it difficult to remember all of them. Spend some time searching the internet and I think you’ll find him. One minor problem… your mask has been artificially aged, which makes it look older than it is… and reduces its value.  B-


  • chris

    thank you so much for the info. it didn’t look this aged when i got it.. can the dry weather of Colorado and 22 years of hanging on a wall add to the aging or is there something about the paint that looks faux aged?

    • Bob Ibold

      Your mask has been coated with a clear liquid containing some dark paint and then rubbed or brushed at the appropriate time. We call this process “antiquing.”

  • chris

    guessing i paid way too much for it.. but i still think its cool… any idea of the ballpark on resale worth? and thank you so much for all the info about it!

  • Bob Ibold

    Sorry to take so long to reply. What you’re asking for is an appraisal. A professional will charge you for this. As the “Mask Man” I have given your the letter grade of B- which may be of some help.

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