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Beautiful Buddha

decorative sculpture
decorative sculpture

Q:  I’ve had this and another very similar mask for some 15yrs. They were found in a skip! 18″ tall 11″ wide and made I think of balsa, they are very light anyway and feel furry. I have seen Balinese masks similar but very rough in comparison. Where do you think they are from and what age? The faces were bright white but years of hanging in my Scottish cottage with smoky wood burner has given them a ‘mature patina’ Ha ha!  Al, 641

A:  This is a sculpture of the Buddha, not a mask. A mask is meant to be worn over the face and used in ritual, celebration, protection or some other purpose. This one is solid with a flat back meant to rest against a wall. There is no way it could be worn. But I want our viewers to see how well it is carved and painted. There are only a few highly skilled mask makers is India, China, Indonesia and other parts of Asia who could achieve this level of excellence, but I don’t know where or when it was made. It sure is nice to look at. If anyone knows where it was made, please leave a comment.


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