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Beautiful Khon mask from Thailand

Q:  This is one I researched and found good info on. It was picked up in Thailand, and is a Khon mask, worn by actors in the traditional Ramakien dramas. This particular mask is Thotsaken, who is the chief demon in their Hindu based drama. It is actually three pieces, the first main part that goes over the actor’s head is Thotsaken, the middle piece shows multiple faces and connects to the pleasant looking face on the third top piece, which is supposed to be an angel or female heavenly being. This mask has obviously been used, and it was  made with great care and painstaking attention to detail. I don’t really know if an older, used piece like this is worth  more or less than a new Kohn mask. (New ones can be purchased online for $275 – $350.00, direct from Thailand.) I don’t know if an older, used model like this is worth more or less than a new one that was made to sell, rather than to be worn in a play/drama. When all three pieces are joined together it is quite tall, 24 – 25.”   Mike, 1380

A: Because it has been used, I would expect your Khon to sell for more. Thanks for sharing your excellent scans and the informative copy. I hope some other collectors will do the same. Click on the second photo to see the whole mask from top to bottom.

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