Beautiful West African mask

Baule, Ivory Coast
Baule, Ivory Coast

Q:  Hello,
I have this African mask, but I am unsure
of its tribal attribution. Can you or any of your visitors assist? Thank you very much!  Andrew, 671

A:  Looks like a Baule or Guro mask from the Ivory Coast of West Africa. From your photos it appears to be an authentic, used mask. The masks made for trade usually have more elaborate coiffures or fancy objects on top. It just looks good to me!

Can you tell us more about it? Where you got it? How much you paid? Etc? Inquiring minds want to know.  A



  • Andrew 671

    Hi Bob, I’m getting back to you and your visitors with more info, albeit limited, on the
    painted wood Baule/Guro mask. I found this mask and another (likely the same tribe, although not painted) at a thrift store outside Boston. I haggled a bit to get them down to $18 for the pair, so $ 9 invested in the one you have pictured. It has strong design using blue, red, black and white paints on carved wood. There are two holes on each side, presumably to attach and wear the mask. It measures 11 1/2″ tall x 5 1/4″ wide (6″ wide at the widest coif). It’s got a real, organic feel about it, and I think it will display amazingly well. Thanks for all you do to enable the masks to shine!

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