Blockbuster mask from Mexico

aaaMystrySolvd-928This is another one of the exciting masks Kathleen discovered in the storage unit contents she won at auction. Michoacan, a state located in Westcentral Mexico, is where there are a number of highly talented carvers. In addition to masks for traditional dances, they also create extra-fancy items for sale to tourists and folk art collectors. This may be one of them. It looks like a blood-sucking bat on top of an unlucky conquistador. I’m just guessing. What do you think? Can you explain the spikes and chairs?  928

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  • Bob Ibold

    Here is an email from Aaron…
    That looks like an art mask to me, possible made in Mexico. The theme is definitely consistent with the iconography of Mexican masks (a demon torturing a sinner). Possibly Michoacán, where more elaborate masks of that type are often made for the Pastorela. What throws me off is the coloration, which seems somewhat atypical of Mexican masks. Sorry, this is just guesswork.

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