Boruca monkey mask

Aaron has added several Boruca masks to his wonderful collection. This one looks like a capuchin monkey and is quite unusual. If you are unfamiliar with his website, you should check it out.

TITLE: Boruca Diablo-Mono
COUNTRY: Costa Rica
SUBREGION: Reserva Rey Curré, Puntarenas
DESCRIPTION: Diablo-Mono (Devil-Monkey) Mask
MAKER: Hermes Morales, Rey Curré
CEREMONY: Fiesta de los Diablitos
AGE: 2009
MAIN MATERIAL: balsa wood
OTHER MATERIALS: red pigment from achiote berry; black pigment from wood ash; white pigment from kaolin clay

The Boruca people mostly inhabit two reservations in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica. Technically, many persons classified as Boruca are members of neighboring indigenous peoples, such as the Coto and Quepo people, who have banded with the Boruca to preserve their traditions and relative independence.

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