India & Himalayas,  Unknown

Bronze helmet mask from where?

Q: Thank you for your e-mail and thank you for your interest in the mask or is it more of a helmet? It is about 10.5 inches in height. The ornament on top is 3 inches. The circumference at the nose is roughly 24 inches. This was a gift from a very generous collector. I have no further information. I will attempt to contact him today for more details. Shelly, 1633

A: I searched for Cambodian, Burmese, Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and other masks with no luck. Thus goes the work of The Mask Man– a guy who claims he knows about masks from all over the world. There certainly are people who know more about Asian folk art than I. Please help us with this beautiful mask that could also be quite old. Shelly and I are waiting to hear your comments.

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