Brunca Devil mask

Brunca, Costa Rica
Brunca, Costa Rica

Q:  This mask is from Rey Curre which has a little different style of carving than the carvers from Boruca village. Rey Curre carvers tend to stick with the older, traditional style masks. The villages are just a few miles apart.  It is danced and battle worn from the ceremonies.  Tom, 645

A:  Thanks for sharing this unusual Brunca mask with us. You can see some new ones that are made especially for the tourist trade, but in my opinion those are slick and over done. This one is the real deal and therefore a bit rare. The Brunca or Boruca are about 2600 indigenous people from the Costa Rican wilderness. Actually, the Brunca area is about 3,700 square miles and has a total popular of 321,000– so the tribe is a small minority.  A

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