Bundu mask from Sierra Leone

There are two other Bundus in our archives. This one is different because it has a white decoration and a full skirt. Used by the Sande Society for the passage into womanhood by Mende girls, it is the only mask in Africa that is not worn by men.

Note that there are 1759 masks in this website’s archive. Press the “Q” on the right of the home page, type in a word and then press “Enter.” Keep trying different words or combinations until you get what you want. There are about 1000 more masks in the book, Masks of the World by Ibold & Yohn, which you can order on Amazon. We are the largest reference source in the world for masks. Bob, 1759

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  • Barry Boehmer

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone and have Bundu masks for sale. I lived in a village in the Southern Province 7 Mira from Bo called Tikonko where a carver of masks lived.

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