Cheap Mexican decorative

My first mask
My first mask

Q:  Can you tell me something about this triple head (man and some type of animals) mask.  Made of wood.  I don’t know anything about it but need to sell it and want to say the truth about the mask.  Thanks,  Tina, 682

A:  About 40 years ago I bought my first mask. It was an inexpensive but very colorful piece that was made by the same group of carvers in Guerrero, Mexico, that made yours. Often these crazy designs had two faces instead of one… or even three as does yours. They were made for tourists to take home, not for villagers to wear for celebration.

Pardon me for showing my old mask instead of yours, but I wanted our readers to see what started MasksoftheWorld. Lightweight wood 19 inches high. It is exactly the same style as yours. I’ll bet more than 100,000 of them were made as souvenirs and cheap decor back in the 70’s and 80’s. There’s a big import shop in Los Angeles that used to buy them by the truckload.  D

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