Classic Mexican Moor mask

Northeastern Guerrero
Northeastern Guerrero

Q:  I have an old mask from Guerrero. How can I have it appraised?  Karen, 768

A:  Your mask could be from the state of Guerrero, or the neighboring state of Mexico, which surrounds Mexico City. It is a classic Moor mask from the dance of the Moors and Christians, which is performed a lot in these areas. Yours looks old and used, but is in very good condition. Any collector of Mexican masks would want to have one of these. On the subject of appraisals, I never do them for free. You can contact any dealer specializing in Mexican masks for this service.  A-


  • Connie Monaghan

    I have a mask that’s similar but all brown (stained?) with an actual-bristle bear and eyebrows, and large bat figure at the top of the head. Would that also make sense as a Moor mask?

  • Bob Ibold

    What you describe sounds like a Mexican decorative, rather than something made to be worn in a dance. A Moor would not have a bat on its head.

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