Collectible protective mask

After the last post I want to talk more about protective masks. They are an interesting category of mask collecting. Unlike most collectable masks, they have nothing to do with ceremony or having fun. They are meant to keep the wearer from injury. But they also may have a secondary purpose of intimidating opponents. Here are some examples. You can see more protective masks by going to that category. None of them fail to impress the viewer

Gas masks are often used by the military to protect soldiers from poisonous gas that the enemy might use against them. This one, like many others, would also be a little scary for an enemy soldier confronting the wearer.

The PBG helmet is made for off-road motorcycle racing. Races can be very competitive. Why not look threatening?

Hockey goalies have to protect their face from a fast moving puck. But they also must intimidate their opponent charging in for a goal. Masks like this old one certainly accomplish both.

Somen steel masks are Japanese-style armor meant for SCA and LARP events. That’s where people fight each other with swords and big sticks.  If I were doing that I would want to scare the other guy.


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