Colorful Zaouli mask

aaaMystrySolvd-954Today I was sent this along with some photos of very colorful masks from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Here is the message…
“I came across these videos of Zaouli dance from the Guro tribe, Ivory coast.
 I showed these to my grandson  – now age 6 – and he said “How do they do that?”   Richard, 954
Zaouli is thought to exemplify a “new tradition” in African ritual and ceremonial dance that apparently arose after the end of colonialism and is recognized as such.  It is also associated with brightly painted masks that often incorporate snakes linked to the Mami Wata religion of West Africa that was transported to the West (Haiti, Brazil, South Carolina and more.). I found this out after buying a couple of Zaouli dance masks from an Ivorian friend. Today many are carved for sale. Mine show evidence that they were actually danced. This shows the disconnect between authentic and antique in African art.

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  • Cindy Igou

    I acquired a similar mask at an estate auction last night and wonder if you can tell me how to research it and approximately what it’s worth.

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