Day of the Dead mask

anywhere in Mexico
anywhere in Mexico

Q:  I purchased this mask at a rummage hall that deals in storage unit clean-outs. I like detail and scary images. I had a friend who works with Pacific northwest wood look at it and she couldn’t identify the type, just that it was really old. Dimensions are approx 8L” x 7.75W”x 4.75H” and the weight is 153g. Any information you provide would be wonderful. At this point I am clueless where to start looking.  Darrel, 729

B: It is a Mexican Day of the Dead mask that could be used to celebrate that very important holiday. DOTD occurs about the same time as our Halloween, but it is much more meaningful. Just Google it for more information. Personally, I enjoy these skull masks. They are plentiful and inexpensive, and quite popular with Mexicans and tourists, however, serious collectors are not impressed and much prefer those that are made to be worn in actual performance. It is not old– they make them look that way for the tourists.  C

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