Decorative African reproduction

Q:  I received this mask from a friend who ran a record store in San Francisco in the ’90s and would occasionally buy artwork from a West African trader (country and price unknown). It has fabric flaps that must cover the ears, little floppy ears on top, and a conical headpiece. The tufts of hair may be from a goat or horse, they don’t appear to be human. There are two metal spheres that rattle attached to the lower front edge. There is a white arrow-shaped patch on the crown that appears to be made of plastic or rubber, with red embroidered stitching.  C.C., 1270

A:  This is a reproduction of a Dan “racer” mask with all the extras. Dan masks should come from NE Liberia or Ivory Coast, but because of their popularity they are also made in other countries. C+

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