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Q: I acquired these 2 masks from a 75 year old gentlemen. They were given to him by his father who said they were purchased in Alaska. They are made of wood. The teeth seem real. Maybe a man and woman? There are no markings on the back. The hair seems like horse hair. The larger mask is approx 12×7. There appears to be adhesive on the back. The detail on the smaller mask seems as if it was glued to leather. The adhesive looks like liquid nails.  Sharyl, 614

A: At first I thought they might be Native American because I have seen a old, Northern Iroquois masks that looked a little like yours. But yours are not old and not carved out on the rear which means they were made for tourists to buy for display on their walls rather than for wear. Actually, they look exactly like masks I have seen from Europe. They are made in Switzerland and are called Roitschaeggaetae masks.  C

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