East Asia

Especially colorful Hanhoe mask

South Korea
South Korea

Q:  This Asian mask was given to me by a student about 15 years ago. She was Japanese-Korean and the bride of a Vietnamese soldier.  That is about all I know. I am moving to Hawaii this Fall and am trying to downsize.  Thank you for your assistance.  Janis, 787

 A:  This is a Hanhoe mask from the Gyeongsangbuk province of South Korea. Designated as a National Treasure in 1964, Hanhoe masks are preserved in the National Museum in Seoul. Reproductions like this are very popular and are displayed in Korean homes, sold to tourists, and exported around the world to collectors. This one is notable because several bright colors enhance the natural wood finish. They are usually well carved, as is this one.  B

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  • Angie Yang

    I believe the name is “Hahoe” and not Hanhoe 🙂 but thank you for this post, it is really a beautiful one…

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