Feathered carnival mask

Q: My grandmother just passed away and I inherited a framed mask I have always loved. I believe it is from an opera from what I remember her telling me. It was framed by her so there is no way for me to get into it’s case. It is a very large mask. The case is probably 2 feet by 3 feet wide. The mask is made of various sized feathers. I have no interest in selling it but if you could provide any information on it I would greatly appreciate it! Emily, 1521

A: There are some operas that have an act with a ballroom scene. Most masks like this could also be worn in a carnival parade with a showy costume. The Mummer’s parade and Mardi Gras are famous for this look in the US. There are other costumed parades in Brazil, the Caribbean and many other places. You could rent one at a costume shop, but it wouldn’t be this lavish. I think it is nice enough to spend a little money and have it professionally cleaned. A

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