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Full Balinese mask

Q:  I recently purchased this mask on eBay but it is not like any other Balinese mask I’ve found. I’m wondering if it really is from Bali and what character it represents if it is. Here is the listing url as well:   Brian, 1292

A:  This is one I haven’t seen before. There are so many different characters in the traditional dance dramas. Sometimes the uncommon ones also show up in the tourist shops, such as yours did. Maybe someone will help us with its name, but probably you will have to do some searching on Google. 

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  • Bob Ibold

    Thanks. BTW, I’ve Googled the hell out of this, but so far nothing. It looked kind of Japanese to me but the seller said it came from Indonesia.

    Brian sent this today and my answer is “Bali for sure.”

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