Gschell mask from Germany


Q: I was wondering how a German mask is made?  Jimmy, 1354

A:  That was a beautiful photo you sent, but a little low in resolution. So the main photo is a female version of yours from the Second Face museum of cultural masks. Here is the beginning of their description.

TITLE: Fasnet Gschell Mask
COUNTRY: Germany
ETHNICITY: Swabian German
DESCRIPTION: Gschell Narro
MAKER: Helmut Kramer
CEREMONY: Fasnet (Carnival)
AGE: ca. 1970s-1980s
OTHER MATERIALS: oil paint; horsehair; satin ribbons; mirrors

Yours (second mask) is a male version of the same mask. To learn how they are made, do a Google search. Helmut Kramer was famous for being a highly skilled carver and painter.  A


















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