High-end Mexican mask

Parachico mask
Parachico mask

Q: I have a lot of very good Mexican Dance masks that I bought from a collector in Mexico City when I lived there a few years ago but I don’t have one of these Could it possibly be worth this kind of money?  Christophe, 687

A:  This is indeed a very desirable mask. It is called a Parachico and is made in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico. You can read more about them on the internet. They are famous for their exquisite beauty and perfection. The carver is a well-trained professional who must work long and hard to achieve results like this. On top of that, this particular piece is used and well taken care of. Obviously it is worth a lot of money, but I must not comment on price other than to give it an A+.

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