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Old Sri Lankan
Old Sri Lankan

Q: My daughter was given this mask by a friend. Unfortunately she does not know any details about it. It is quite large, about 2.5 feet high and about 18 inches wide. Any help with identifying this mask would be great. Thanks for your help. Ted, 573

A: I believe this is an older and well used mask from Sri Lanka. The country would have been called Ceylon back then. Check out my “India & Himalayas” category and you’ll find the Sri Lankan masks at the bottom of the page. You can see and read about them on Google as well. But you won’t find one that looks like this I’m afraid. Maybe you can locate someone who specializes in Sri Lankan folk art. If I’m right, your mask may be desirable to the right collector or museum. Sorry I can’t tell you this with certainty, I’m not an expert in any particular culture… just the whole world!!! A+


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