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Maybe Burkina Faso
Maybe Burkina Faso

Q:  I bought this on ebay years ago. I know nothing about masks, but I like all things old! It is developing significant cracks. There are several small holes that look like they could possibly accommodate feathers of some sort. There are also two small holes on each side that probably were used to attach some sort of string or strap to wear the mask.The mask measures 19 inches by 7 inches. I’m not sure about the type of wood, but it is very heavy. any help would be greatly appreciated.  Chris, 660

A:  The Bwa people of Burkina Faso in West Afrrica is a wild guess,but I have never seen anything like this from there or anywhere else on that continent. And I won’t rule out other parts of the world. Once again, the Mask Man needs help. Let’s hope someone writes in.



  • Aaron

    That’s a Dogon circumcision mask from Mali. Not only are they snipping your dogon, but they’re wearing a scary mask while doing it.

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