South America

Is this a Brazilian mask?

Q:  I wondered if you might be able to assist with sourcing a 20th Century Kamayura mask? My client was hoping to purchase a mask that looks exactly like the attached which is currently on exhibition in the Montreal Museum. I wondered if you might have any insight as to who might sell these Brazilian masks or if you might know of anyone who would create a custom mask?  Any feedback or help is much appreciated!  Antonia, 1437

A:  I know about the Kamayura Indians who live around the Xingu River in the Amazon region of Brazil. The mask shown here could be from them, but I haven’t seen anything like this one before. I wonder how experienced the curator from the Museum is with Amazonian masks? There is always a chance that one of our viewers will make a comment that helps.

Sorry, I don’t know anyone that specialize in reproducing ethnographic masks. Of course, there are plenty of mask makers out there. This one would be challenging to replicate because of all the natural materials needed. That’s the best I can do.


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