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I’ve never seen an Apache Ga’an

Apache Indian
Apache Indian

Q: This is a Ga’an (mountain spirit) mask used in the 1970s and 1980s, probably by the Western Apache, Diné, or Chiricahua peoples.  It was acquired from the tribe by a Hollywood studio for use in shooting the movie “Geronimo” (1993), and I bought it from someone who used to work for the studio and was given it as a present.  It appears it once had feathers attached to the tips of the wood.  Incidentally, the first Geronimo movie (1952) also had Ga’an dancers in it.  Aaron, 543

A: I normally post only one mask per person,

Apache Indian

but when I saw this one from Aaron I flipped out. How lucky we are to see an authentic Apache Ga’an mask. I hope the Apache people aren’t angry (like the Hopi) about their ceremonial masks being sold and admired by the public.

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