Native America

Koryak mask from Siberia

In Siberia, wood masks were used only by the Koryak people and were of simple construction, usually depicting gaunt-faced men. Animal masks or masks of semi-human beings, so widely used in North America, were not known. The reduced importance of masquerade in Northeastern Siberia as compared with northwestern America makes them hard to find. Koryak masks are most similar to masks of Native Americans from Barrow, Alaska.  Bob, 1286


  • Andrey

    Well, strictly speaking, Koryaks live mostly in Kamchatka (which is close to Siberia, but a different region nevertheless ). However, even in Russia most people will confuse the two )) As to the Siberia itself – wood and leather masks were used mostly by the Tuvans, Buryats, Evenki people and some others.

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